One year, during Prophet Mohammad’s childhood, Mecca was hit severely by drought. For long time the doors of heaven had been closed and the earth had been dead. People of Quraish, with tearful eyes, begged Abu Talib, the head of the tribe and Mohammad’s uncle, to pray and ask for merciful rain. Abu Talib took Mohammad’s hand, leaned him against the wall of Ka’ba, looked up at the sky and said:

My dear Lord, for the sake of this boy (while pointing at Mohammad with his finger),send us your rain and spread your mercy.  

When he prayed the sky was a perfect blue, not a single cloud in sight. But after no time cloud massed on the horizon. It covered the sky of Mecca. With thunder and lightening it started to rain. Every one was filled with joy. Indeed after such drought heavy shower made every one overjoyed. *



(*) Translated from the book written by Ja'far Sobhani, The Prophet's life (Forugh-e Abadiyyat)




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